Ironwood Research and Oncology Centers has 6 free standing cancer centers in the Phoenix metro area and has relationships with area facilities to coordinate outside diagnostic services for patient convenience. Because our Oncologists and providers all work together under one roof true multidisciplinary care is delivered. We wish to minimize unnecessary stress of the patient and include our patients in communication and treatment choices. It is your body and we educate you to help you understand your disease and the reasons for our treatment recommendations.  For the the rare time a patient should need to go outside of our system, established and collegial relationships with area practices and with universities ensure patients do not need to leave the community or their physicians to receive more specialized care if appropriate. We are committed to doing what is best for each patient.  Clinical trials are available.

Frequently utilized diagnostic and screening radiology procedures include:

  • Screening and diagnostic mammograms
  • Tomosynthesis
  • Breast MRI
  • MRI-guided breast biopsy
  • Stereotactic and ultrasound-guided biopsies

For patients undergoing treatment, CT is available in our cancer centers where your oncologists have their offices.