Oncoplastic training opportunities:

Many American surgeons who have learned oncoplastic surgery initially learned at the side of their plastic surgeons as they mutually worked together to improve outcomes. I believe a close working relationship with your local plastic surgeons is crucial to success in oncoplastic surgery and assessment of all reconstructive options.

Oncoplastic surgery is divided into three categories depending on complexity.

Level I procedures can be performed by most breast surgeons without specialized training

Level II procedures can be performed by breast surgeons with specialized training or experience with techniques such as mastopexy and breast reduction.

Level III procedures in the US require the skills of a plastic surgeon and include implant based recontruction

Level IV procedures also require specialized plastic surgery training and include tissue flaps such as DIEP.


Guidelines for establishment of an oncoplastic breast service have been established by the Association of Breast Surgery at British Association of Surgical Oncology, British Association of Plastic Surgeons and the Training Interface Group in Breast Surgery

*Oncoplastic Surgery: A guide to good practice http://www.associationofbreastsurgery.org.uk/media/4525/oncoplastic_breast_surgery_-_a_guide_to_good_practice.pdf


Oncoplastic Courses:

The American Society of Breast Surgeons and the American College of Surgeons conduct courses at their annual meetings.

Gail Lebovic’s 3 day School of Oncoplastic Surgery http://www.2016sos.com/ features lectures by the international and national experts who pioneered and developed these procedures. This course offers supervised, hands on cadaver labs designed to build confidence to enable you to perform your first cases or advance to higher level 2 competence.  

There are numerous leaders both inside and outside the United States who welcome surgeon observers of their techniques.

A helpful outline for those introducing oncoplastic procedures to their facility is this one by Gail Lebovic

Oncoplastic Surgery: What every team member should know. Gail Lebovic, slide share: http://www2.breastcare.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/094LebovicOncoplasticSurgery.pdf

This page will be updated periodically with more clinically pertinent information to help US surgeons expand their skills into the area of oncoplastic surgery. For those beginning, I recommend close coordination with your local plastic surgeons to develop your technique and expand the care both of your practices can offer in this area. I can be reached by cell phone at 303-596-2553 for additional advice or tips.